Why Your Customer Service Overhaul Has to Happen Fast and Furious—and Everywhere at Once

When looking to revolutionize the way your company approaches service, you might
think it’s best to slowly ease into things—to start with one group of employees and let
the new initiatives flow to the rest of the company. Actually, says Ron Kaufman, the
opposite is usually true. When you want a revolution, you need to go big and go fast!

How to REALLY Put Clients First: Eleven Steps That Will Move You Beyond the Cliché and Change Your Business Forever

It’s not easy to stop thinking about your own needs and start thinking about the client’s. In fact, it goes against the grain of human nature. And yet, it’s the magic bullet that makes everything else fall into place. Joseph and JoAnn Callaway, authors of Clients First, explain precisely how to make the shift.