The ONLY Way to Make Sure You’re Better Off Four Years from Now

There’s a lot of handwringing around the election. And while the outcome could have some impact on your finances, continuing to doggedly rely on the old college-job-401(k) paradigm will hurt you much more. Gregory Downing says entrepreneurship is the only thing that can save us—and he explains how to shift to a whole new way of thinking about work and wealth.

The Facebook Trap: How Social Media Gets Co-opted by Traditional Marketing

It’s easy to see why companies are seduced by the buying potential of Facebook’s one billion users. Unfortunately, many try to market to them (and those on similar sites) using old-school tools and tactics that are inherently unsuited to social media. Bill Lee, author of The Hidden Wealth of Customers, describes a better approach.

Is Your Company Delivering on Its Sales Promises?

Any sale—from the smallest consumer item to the largest enterprise-wide solution imaginable—is about much more than simply providing a product or service. A sale is really about delivering a promise to the customer. Unfortunately, many companies have no idea what their sales promise is. Sure, they may have a company vision or a mission statement, but those things usually don’t address the specific processes the company uses to deliver value to its customers.

Ways to Manage High and Low Performers

People who invest their money wisely spend more time focusing on the investments with the greatest chance of turning out to be winners. Do you do the same when managing the performance of your employees? If you are like most managers, sadly the answer is that you get caught up spending too much time with low performers who have a fair chance of being acceptable, but not stars. What would happen if you dedicated more time to your employees who are acceptable performers yet exhibit clear signs of being high performers? The answer is that many of these acceptable performers will move into the ranks of high performers.

Seven Things Your Customers Can Do Better Than You (Here’s a Hint: They All Boil Down to “Sell Your Products and Services”)

If you think your customers exist solely to “buy your stuff,” you’re missing a huge part of the picture. Bill Lee, author of The Hidden Wealth of Customers, says your customers are uniquely equipped to influence your product development, sing your praises, and
even close sales for you. He describes seven things they can do better than you.